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For three years, Kathryn Fentress delighted the readers of Whatcom Watch with her column, “Unsung Heroes,” where she highlighted those people whose timeless stories continue to inspire us all. These stories can be found in both the Whatcom Watch archives and through the links below. Her pieces from August 2014 through September 2017 include:

August 2014
(Ginny Malmquist and Jerry Schuster) The Heron Reach Sets Sail for the Seven Seas

September 2014
Jim McCann, Recycler Extraordinaire

October-November 2014
Deb Cruz, Web Weaver

December 2014
Peter Holcomb and a Gifting Economy

January 2015
Paul Anderson, Master Photographer

February 2015
Jewell James and Art as Activism

March 2015
"Clystina Will: Hope for the Homeless"

​May 2015
Hue Beattie, Mr. Democrat

 June 2015
Phyllis Shacter and End of Life Issues

 July 2015
Irene Morgan Restoring Justice

 August 2015
Eissinger and Lozano: Race for the Human Race

 September 2015
James R. Wells: Activism through Writing

 October-November 2015
Patrick Martin, Dedicated Bike Commuter

 December 2015
Mary Trask Sends Bicycles to Africa

January 2016
Kurt Prassé and Bellingham Repair Café

February 2016
Mathilda (Mattie) Wheeler and the Bellingham Threshold Singers

March 2016
Bill Sterling and the Center for Self Reliance"

April 2016
Lorena Havens: Writer, Teacher, Activist"

May 2016
Juanita Jefferson: Lummi Elder and Activist"

June 2016
Julianna Fischer: Student Activist"

July 2016
Bill Distler, Vietnam Vet and Peace Activist

August 2016
Junga Subedar and the Whatcom Civil Rights Project

September 2016
Jeni Miller and the Bellingham Food Bank

October-November 2016
Carrie Unick and Amy’s Place

December 2016
Beth Brownfield, Committed Activist

January 2017
Larry Freeman, M.D. Physician Activist

February 2017
Erik Dyrland, Advocate for Kids

March 2017
Shelly Grant, Dominick Manetti and Cascadia Volunteer Advocacy

April 2017
Becky Spithill and Real Change News

May 2017
Ellen Murphy and Nonviolence

June 2017
Maru Mora Villalpando and Latino Advocacy

July 2017
Mary Loquvam and the York Farm

​August 2017
Wendy Scherrer, Environmental Educator

September 2017
Lisa Voigt, Tutor with Whatcom Literacy Council”​

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