Kathryn Fentress has taught classes at the University of Montana, University of Colorado Boulder Graduate School, Naropa University, Whatcom Community College, Western Freedom University, and Whatcom Folk School. She is available to teach small classes of four to eight people by request. Classes are best arranged as a weekly two-hour workshop for eight weeks, though other arrangements will be considered.

Celebrating Our Soul’s Essence

The exploration of Self as an expression of Soul is the focus of this experiential class. As we awaken to the truth of our inner divine essence, we open to new perspectives and processes for enhancing our awareness of our intuition, our spiritual purposes, and available spiritual guidance. We practice with tools used for releasing the outmoded beliefs and judgments that block our awareness. We also learn strategies for working with negative emotions. The class format includes lecture, discussion, guided meditations, art, and sharing our discoveries with one another as we celebrate our soul’s essence.

Playing in the Field of Infinite Possibilities

“In my dream, the angel shrugged and said that if we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination and then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.”  —Brian Andreas

This is your invitation to explore the three keys of intention, intuition, and imagination. We will develop our intuition and imagination and learn how to consciously set our intentions. We learn through lecture, discussion, guided visualizations, meditations, art, and sharing our discoveries with one another. Tools for removing outdated beliefs and blocks in the emotional body are provided. Materials from Chopra, Houston, Kenyon, and Abraham are part of the content. The work we do together is dedicated to helping transform humanity’s consciousness through manifesting our personal and global goals.

Preparing for Death as a Transformational Process


This experiential class is an opportunity for deep transformational work. We use the framework of preparing for death as a vehicle for our own inner exploration. Consciously working with the awareness that we will eventually leave our body provides a potent focusing tool for coming more fully into the present moment of our lives. The class format is lecture, discussion, guided meditations, weekly readings and practices all pursued in a safe, supportive environment. The intention is to let go of our fear about dying and open ourselves to living life more joyfully now.

Sacred Activism

This course emerged from my desire to assist myself and others in clarifying how to be the most effective change agents during this time of global upheaval. What I offer here is a guide to being a Sacred Activist which is also a guide to transformation: the conscious maturing of ourselves to embrace and express the fullness of spiritual light we all carry. The areas of study include: 1) mastery of the mind; 2) accepting responsibility for our bodies and the environment; 3) mastery of the emotions; 4) relying on our intuition for guidance; 5) letting go of judgment and opening our hearts to all Beings. I welcome any  who are beginning to awaken to a different world view that is more humane, just, and compassionate to all beings residing in this planet.