"People have an enormous potential for healing and growth.

     My greatest joy comes from inspiring people to remember

  the truth of who they really are."

We are living in extraordinary times. While we are witnessing an unraveling of the culture we have known, we are also participating in a spiritual awakening that has the potential to create a world of peace, harmony, and abundance for everyone. Along the way, we are affected by the rapid shifts we see every day: changes in technology, in economies, in the environment, in our work places, and in our communities. Such intense change is extremely stressful and finding support to navigate these changes is crucial.

We can take full responsibility for ourselves, our neighbors, our planet. We can dive more deeply into the deep wisdom of our beings. And in contrast to being controlled by our outmoded beliefs and judgments, we can be guided by our intuition. To meet these opportunities, we need new perspectives, a supportive community around us, and mentors to offer inspiration and new possibilities. This is the most exciting adventure available on Earth at this time.

Consider that the distress you may currently be experiencing is a reflection of this global awakening.

Kathryn Fentress has over forty-five years of experience as a transpersonal psychotherapist, teacher, and mentor. Trained as a clinical psychologist, Kathryn has worked with a variety of populations in diverse environments in Washington, Montana, and Colorado. She has trained in a number of modalities including EMDR, family systems, shamanism, transpersonal strategies, cognitive behavior therapy, meditation techniques, and Jungian active imagination.

Working with a wide range of persons and issues, Kathryn has developed two major specialties. One is treating trauma through the use of EMDR, cognitive behavioral techniques, and guided visualization. The other is in applying guided imagery for enhancing intuition and exploring the spiritual dimensions of experience.

In all her work, Kathryn emphasizes empowerment, self-discovery, and the broadening of perspectives. She offers tools to work effectively with life’s challenges, techniques to deepen intimate relationships, strategies for healing the effects of trauma, and processes for opening to one’s inner wisdom. She supports individuals and couples in clarifying their purposes, recognizing their choices, and living more comfortably and creatively.

Kathryn appreciates that finding the right match in a therapist is extremely important. As such, Kathryn offers a free initial consultation to discuss your goals and how she would tailor her approach to your specific journey. Please call or e-mail with your inquiries: 360-738-6884 or kfentress@earthlink.net.