Transpersonal counseling refers to the practice of investigating and enhancing one’s connection with direct spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings who have committed to being in human form, each with our own varied agendas. While Kathryn’s transpersonal approach recognizes these agendas, she also sees the core of each: to experience the richness of the human adventure. As a facilitator, guide, and mentor, Kathryn’s focus is to assist others in connecting more deeply with their purpose and to develop the witness consciousness of an awakened being.

Depending on a person’s path along his or her healing journey, the work can look very much like traditional counseling, including clearing old belief patterns and clearing emotional distress. But Kathryn’s approach goes further—holding the person in a larger view that honors the truth of who we are: magnificent beings of light working toward mastery in this experience. The focus is to assist the client in the changes he or she desires in order to facilitate a greater sense of well being and creativity. Yes, wounding is addressed, but Kathryn emphasizes resources and tools both offered and accessed for deeper change. Challenges are gifts to explore so that we can develop our full potential.

In clarifying what gives meaning and purpose to one’s life, the work can involve developing intuition or deep meditations that access transcendent states of consciousness through guided visualization and active imagination work. As the client learns to connect with soul and spirit, the values of developing compassion and acceptance of self, connecting with one’s own internal wisdom and sources of joy, and finding ways to make one’s unique contribution to the world become essential to this approach.